“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” -  Confucius


Ricardy Pierre

Territory Managing Broker

Saint Louis, MO

Dr. Pierre is an innovative business leader, an insightful solutionist, a technologist, a consultant, and a business coach who serve in the corporate arena (for-profits and not-for-profit organizations) and institutions in the higher education space in the areas of strategy, research & development, applied technology, business ethics, leadership, management, organizational behavior and creating shared value (CSV).

Dr. Pierre holds a doctorate in Management and a master’s degree in Information Technology Management from Webster University. He is an open-minded charismatic leader who enjoys tackling challenging and complex issues, analyzing problems from various angles, creating realistic solutions, and in some cases crafting the best problem management strategies. He believes that no matter how well we work today, our best work is yet to come.

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